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Parable of a GPS

A number of years ago we had all our family visit for a wonderful

week of Christmas/New Year celebration. One snowy afternoon

everyone seemed to find something to do. The children played, the dads

napped, grandparents kept busy and one mom tried to convince her toddler

to rest. It started as a Picture perfect winter afternoon in fact

one of the children about 7 or so sat softly singing as she gazed out

the window dreaming in a wonderland only a child can imagine...UNTIL

a hair curling scream from that little girl brought adults from every

corner of the house. There it was the culprit that destroyed our

peaceful slumber, a GPS aka (Gray Pesty Squirrel) that came from who

knows where. Our intruder jumped on the top of a chair sitting eye level

across from her so began the scramble to rescue the little damsel in distress

and remove the GPS from the premises back out into the woods where

he was happy again.

So why bring this true family memory up? You can't imagine how many

stories we have heard from our customers over the years with stories

of their own asking for a way to help solve their problems. It may be

Birds, Bees, Squirrels or something else making a home in your space

we might be able to help.

Storage is great BUT not in our Stucco Wall

Bee and Insect Damage in Wood Crown Molding

Prestige Series Aluminum Crown Molding solves the problem!

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