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Think Differently

In our minds we have opinions, facts and questions. Many require facts

the larger group settles for hear say and attests to it as truth. Narrowing

that statement down into the manufacturing sector we serve is interesting.

So Lets Think Differently about Aluminum, Copper & Metal Trim

Over time views on metal even aluminum have evolved as facts are proven.

Trends seem to cycle; wood was the choice for every trim, such as crown

molding for interior and exterior use. Then after repainting, scraping over

and over year after year the need for creative change began to rise. This

also began the entrance of saving the trees for the environment. So begins

the "Backward in coming Forward" reintroducing metals to answer the call.

Over a Century ago Metal was formed into remarkable custom trims. If you

visited a city or historic building chances were it was Metal designed trim that

revealed the charm of the building. Aluminum and Copper were the necessity

that again became the mother of invention.

Aluminum served because it is available in various gauges and colors and is

fabulous for decorative design. Copper widely used, available in different

thicknesses, 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz. is usually pure and almost always able to be transformed into astounding creations.

Today this is what we do!

Copper Crown Molding in Process

Ready to install top lip ready for Soffits

Aluminum Crown Molding with Ogee in Process

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