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Prestige I

Attract attention with the stylish, high-class detail on your Cape Cod and Rancher style home. 

Prestige I is an excellent choice for dormers, gable ends, rakes, and frieze boards. 

Commercial signage trim displays boldly, capturing the attention of those who pass by.

Installation:  Fits over 2 x 6 and 2 x 8 rake boards and overhangs.  Allow plywood to overhang 1 7/8 from the 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 for blind nailing.

Crown Measurement: 3/2" Crown

Length: 10'

Pricing: Per linear foot.

Heading 1

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Prestige II

Bring back the charm and character to restoration projects, turn of the century, and mid-century homes, cottages, farm houses, and barns. 


Prestige II is impressive on new construction, colonial style homes, churches, businesses, historic landmarks, municipal buildings, banks, metal pole buildings, schools, universities, signs, and more! ​

Installation: Fits over 2x6”, 2x8” or 2x10”

Crown measurement: 4 ¼“ Crown

Length: 10'

Pricing: Per linear foot.

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Prestige III

Enhance the curb appeal of your home, by replacing flat fascia with the massive boldness and exquisitely dramatic Prestige III crown molding.


A superior choice to install over weather beaten or insect, bird or squirrel damaged wood and foam exterior trims.​

  • Installation: Fits over 2x8”,  2x10” and 2x12”

  • Crown measurement: 5 ¾” Crown

  • Length: 10' length

  • Pricing: Per linear foot.

Prestige IV

Make a statement with this impressive look and add sophisticated style and impressive curb appeal to your exterior design.

Prestige IV is a rake wall mount crown with blind nailing and wall mount system.

  • Installation: Fits over 2x6" gable ends, dormers, rake and frieze boards

  • Crown measurement: 5 ¾” Crown

  • Length: 10' length

  • Pricing: Per linear foot.

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Prestige V

Make your next construction project standout among the ordinary with the extraordinary design of Prestige V crown molding on overhangs,  gable ends and reverse gables.

Prestige V allows for blind nailing to assist with the ease of installation when replacing a new roof or putting on new siding or stucco.

  • Installation: Fits over 2x6” plywood and soffit. 

  • Crown measurement: Rake crown

  • Length: 10' length

  • Pricing: Per linear foot

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Plank Molding

Plank Moldings add the final touch that makes all the difference by installing plank moldings to your door and windows on your design plans for your next project.

Our reversible Style Plank Moldings are ideally suited for window and door trims, as well as rake and frieze boards that do not have an extra overhang or shingle.

  • Installation: Fits over 2x4", 2x6” and 2x8" boards

  • Crown measurement: Rake crown

  • Length: 10' length

  • Pricing: Per linear foot


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